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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many local nonprofit organizations were forced to cancel their annual fundraising events. The organizations rely heavily on these events to support their cause and budget. While some were fortunate to be able to move to a virtual experience, many could not. Our nonprofit organizations are also struggling due to an overall decrease in giving. With the directory we’ve compiled below, you can find ways to donate to local nonprofits that need it the most during this uncertain time.

Children’s Mentoring Connection of Hancock County

Mentoring Programs for Children
Phone: (419) 424-9752 Donate: https://cmchancock.org/donate/

Biographical Info

Children’s Mentoring Connection of Hancock County (CMC) is a local agency providing mentoring programs to children ages 6 – 14. Our mission is to develop competent, caring, and confident youth through effective and measurable mentoring programs.

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